Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Keeping in Touch after Moving

At Platinum Removals Bondi, we understand how hard it is saying goodbye to old friends. Whether for a few months or a few years, there is always nostalgia attached to a home including the sights and sounds, and friends and neighbours.

The further you move, the more difficult it seems to keep in touch with them as you need to settle down into your new home. It might seem nearly impossible after all!

But in this age where technology is at our fingertips, it should not be this hard!

There are the different social media accounts, you have a platform to update people how you are doing even if you can’t contact them just yet.

Our postal services are also easily arranged to ensure a seamless transit of your mails when you move. Just get in touch with them to inform the respective dates and addresses.

If you don’t move too far, why not take a weekend drive to catch up with friends over coffee. Reunions are always fun especially when you visit your usual favourite hang outs!

Whichever way best suit your preference, all relationships require a little effort to keep them going strong.

Keeping in Touch after Moving

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

A Removalists Take on a Home that needs Fixing

We’ve realized a few things over the years through our observation and customers’ feedback as well. We know that to transform a house into a home requires some work. But when does it become too much?

Here are some tips from our removalists in Sydney to help you decide on that renovation plan!

Move Out when you Redecorate!

Rent out a temporary abode or get a kind soul to put you up for a little while to stay away from all the dust and dirt which are bad for your health. You will also be thankful to be away from the noise and chaos.

Work by Schedule

Ensure you have a good timeline to guide you along the renovation process. This is to prevent you from having furniture delivered while the house is still in bits and pieces. It will also help you to gauge when to turn off your utilities before the contractors arrive.

Have a budget

You should already know to work out your finances before renovating. Good quality items have a hefty pricetag so work on bits and pieces only as you can afford.

Be Realistic

Tie in all the plans you have with what you can afford. This can help prevent overspending of the budget or realizing a delay in shipment causes your timeline to be shifted.

At Platinum Removals, we want you to have a smooth move. Hence, we hope these tips would be useful for you!

A Removalists Take on a Home that needs Fixing

Monday, December 28, 2015

Things to do to prepare for your Office Move

During the hustle and bustle of a move, business owners tend to overlook certain things. Hence, we state some tips in hopes they help you get ahead when the office move is nearing.

Communicate with Clients

Clients who need services done are going to be the most affected by an office move. Hence, put up signs or send out emails to notify them early of the temporary hold ups and inform when business will resume.

Turn this into a positive opportunity by thanking them for their support and explain how the move will benefit them in the long run.

Check out Removals Quotes

What you want is a reliable removals company that gets things done by the deadline given. Ask for packages that bundle in packing materials and packing services. If you order everything from them, you get to save costs and have lesser people to deal with.

Take Advantage of the Move to get Organized!

There are probably a lot of obsolete materials lying around which you do not need, hence get your employees to have a clean out day to tidy things up to guarantee your new office will be in good order.

We at Platinum Removals Sydney provide you with Office Removal Checklists to ensure you have a smooth office move. Call us today to help you plan your move!

Things to do to prepare for your Office Move

Sunday, December 27, 2015

How to minimize Downtime during Office Removals

Removals can be stressful for anybody including office moves. Accounts, phone calls, emails, and all the work that need to be done get incomplete which is a lost business opportunity. So, how can we reduce the downtime of a business?

Weekend or After hours Removals

Many removals companies in Sydney offer this solution which is to assign a couple of staff to supervise the move over the weekend so as not to affect operations during the work week. Things get done quicker when removalists are free to do their work during non-office hours.

Getting Professional Help

Professional coordinators help you execute removals including supervising the removals team and handling permits and approvals. Hence, you and your staff can focus on your business processes without any worry.

Assign a team to handle the Big Move

Having a core team to direct the removalists is good as they may not understand how things need to be set up in the new office. An internal employee would also be necessary to prevent them from getting in the way of on-going meetings or discussions.

Get things done in the new location before hand

Getting documents and facilities set up should be carried out before removal day! Ensure that electricity and pantries are up and internet and telephone lines are working. This will prevent employees from getting their daily responsibilities delayed!

Downtime is inevitable during any removals and businesses may suffer a lapse in productivity for a couple of days. But remember when all is settled, you have a new office with better facilities to support your business.

How to minimize Downtime during Office Removals

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Tipping your removals guys

Not many people would think twice about the movers on the moving day amidst all the chaos but that goes without saying that a simple gesture like a “Thank You” would go a long way for us to show appreciation for all the work we’ve done!

Nevertheless, we wouldn’t want to make you feel obligated about tipping because that should be done out of your own will. Here are some ideas if you are thinking of showing us your thanks!

You don’t have to give us money
Tipping is a gesture and we honestly don’t expect anything from our clients. However, a simple thank you wouldn’t hurt as it lets us know that we’re not some lowly worker who helps you with the dirty work.

A cold drink or even some snacks work just as well too!
Some refreshments would definitely be welcomed after a hard day’s work but no alcohol please as it is against company regulations to be drinking while on the job and it takes away our focus.

And if you do decide to tip…
Take a little time out to tip every worker individually instead of to the leader – to show that every worker is just as important.

Our movers might not have diplomas or degrees to do their job but they are most certainly certified with various competency classes so as to enable them to work to their fullest ability.

By showing us appreciation, it helps us to continue giving our best in the work we do.

Tipping your removals guys

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Downsizing – How to move into a smaller home

Moving companies know just how tough it truly is for customers who are downsizing as there are so many things to get rid of! Hence, Platinum Removals has consolidated some useful tips whenever you need to move into a smaller living space.

Check out your new space

It’s important to know how much space you’ll be dealing with so you get to maximize it effectively. Else, all your clearing out efforts might just go to waste.

Look around
The key to reduce the number of things you have is to basically get rid of most of them. Check storage rooms which are often used to hoard things. If you don’t remember having or haven’t used anything in the last year, get rid of it.

Get rid of it!
Though we often loathe this part here especially for things we have grown sentimentally attached to, it’s important to do something about them even if you’re not downsizing. A garage sale or charity organizations are some of the effective ways to get rid of the junk.

Multi-purpose items
It may be a good idea to look at all-in-one machines to replace previous equipment in the garage or kitchen. This will help you save a little space!

It’s fine if you aren’t able to clear things out. Just continue looking out for things that you don’t seem to be using after moving in. Good luck!

Downsizing – How to move into a smaller home

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

How to load up your moving vehicle

Now you’ve got your rented truck ready, you need to know how to fully utilize the space to its maximum capability. That doesn’t mean getting as many things in there but instead to ensure they are intact by following these RIGHT way of loading them.

1. Heavy items in the centre
Distribute out the weight towards the cabin of the truck to help centre the whole weight and stabilize the vehicle. Ensure you pack the big items in and stop them from moving around.

2. Secure loose items down
Secure boxes that aren’t compressed and tend to fly around the cabin with rope or bungee cord. This will reduce the occurrence of breakage and the possibility of them toppling down onto you. If you use an open-truck vehicle, this step needs to be further emphasized.

A simpler method would be to fill up the empty spaces of cupboards and shelves to ease the unloading process.

3. Padding, padding, padding!
Use padding and bubble wrap for everything else inside the back of the vehicle. It helps to protect your items and ensure the sides of the vehicle aren’t damaged either.

At the end of the day, we might estimate wrongly the size of the van and a removals company can help you to handle that portion.

That’s what Platinum removals promises you! Good luck on your upcoming moving day!

How to load up your moving vehicle

Monday, December 14, 2015

How to move safely!

It is common for people to move out on their own these days which is fine but definitely needs to be accompanied by safety guidelines. Here are some tips from us…

Load items safelyAn efficient method to load things onto your truck without them falling over upon arrival at the new location is to evenly distribute the weight of heavy and bulky items to the centre. This will also ensure your truck does not tip over while on the move.

Use toolsYou might be used to being a hard labourer but whenever possible, lighten your workload with the aid of pulleys and dolleys or any other tools you can think of.

Take breaks!Don’t be a hero and always remember to take breaks in between tasks. Rest well the night before and keep hydrated on the actual moving day.

Purchase insurance

Always prepare yourself for the unexpected as accidents CAN happen. Hence, ensure all your bases are covered with the respective insurance plans.

Lastly, just remember that you are only human. There are some things that need support from others like professional removalists who offer you a number of services including packing and furniture arrangement depending on your needs. We wish you all the best in your upcoming move!
How to move safely!

Friday, December 11, 2015

Tips for moving out on your own

There is a first to everything for everyone and moving out is just another process. You need to be well-prepared like how you did for every other activity. Let us help you with it a few tips of your own.
  • Ask for help! Never be ashamed to seek help from family and friends. They truly care about you especially your parents who are constantly looking out for their children’s well-being and would love to be part of your new phase in life.
  • Find the right place and on the Right Budget. Never make any decision on impulse especially when it concerns your finances. You are going to stay in this new place for a while, so stay within your financial means.
  • Become responsible. A new place means a new responsibility where you get to be your own boss. Manage your chores and expenses carefully to ensure all falls into place.
  • Keep in touch. Never forget where you come from and this includes your loved ones who are left behind at the old house. Put them on speed dial to check up on them once in a while.

After settling down, don’t forget to ring a few of your loved ones to come celebrate your successful move-out!

Tips for moving out on your own

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Unpacking – Where to begin?

The chaos with the moving and removals company have been well-coordinated and taken care of, now it’s time to get down to business and settle in!

1. Kitchen
- Ensure all boxes are lifted and opened up with care to prevent any breakages of kitchenware. Look out for any damages before setting up the table.

2. Toilet
- After all the work, you will need to freshen up so ensure you get the utilities fixed immediately. That gives you the chance to check for any piping/waterworks issues.

3. Living Room
- Hope luck is on your side and all of your things have been cleverly positioned by the removalists. Else, take this opportunity to re-organize your furnishings.

4. Bedroom
- Depending on the time you are done with the removals, you might need this room the most. Simply remove the protective plastic of the mattresses already in the bedroom and get a snooze.

Get every family member to participate to save time and before you know it, you are already enjoying your new home!

Unpacking – Where to begin?

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Solving problems during moving

Problems are inevitable that we cannot run away from but we can definitely plan ahead to prevent them from happening on the actual moving day.

Packing problems
Boxes may not durable enough, there may not be enough packing materials, and the biggest problem is procrastination. The key is to start early so you have ample time to resolve any packing issues that may arise.

Damages problems
Be sure to mark fragile items to prevent rough handling by the movers. You could also get your content insurance ready to safeguard your items.

Time problems
Be ensure to get control of time management if you need to move out by a certain deadline. Work out a schedule or get your movers to plan something out for you.

Money problems
Always plan your budget way ahead to gauge just how much you can truly afford. Moving out can really take a toll on your finances but prior planning could help you save a lot.

Although we have listed out the 4 main problems that could happen, you do not need to worry as long as you plan and prepare way beforehand and go with the flow of the moving day.

Solving problems during moving

Coping with stress when you move

Moving out is never an easy task to handle regardless of doing it on your own or with family members. Things could get pretty stressful so here are some guidelines from professional removalists to help you cope with things.
  • A stress-free move may NOT be possible
Do not deny the amount of stress but instead come up with a plan to overcome it
  • Take frequent time-outs to collect your thoughts.
Do not be afraid to take a breather in between tasks to be in control of the situation and plan out subsequent steps as you go along.
  • Plan something other than THE move
Think of something that you can look forward to after settling in like joining a club at the new neighbourhood or plan a mini getaway with the family.

Get a good rest the day (and night) before Moving Day o Being tired will not set you in the right mood so make yourself free the day before to go through some last minute items.

Above all, plan ahead and execute the move according to schedule so things can work out well to be part of your fond memories.

Coping with stress when you move

Monday, December 7, 2015

Moving everything on your own - the DIY way

Moving everything on your own - the DIY way

We might consider saving costs by moving things from one place to another on our own instead of hiring professionals. If you intend to do so, consider these few things before you start!

1. Take account
Consider the amount of things that will be loaded into your car/rented vehicle so everything will fit. Set aside the costs involved for vehicle rental, fuel, and packing materials.

2. Plan a schedule
You can move at your own target, but be on schedule so as not to reach your new home only when the sun sets.

3. Get ahead of yourself
You can procrastinate especially the packing bit but if you start early, you will have a lot more time to fix any issues that could potentially arise.

4. Be careful
Always seek help whenever necessary and do not over-exert yourself. Also remember to have all the insurance ready to safeguard your items and your own self.

You can always do things your way but never over-estimate your own capabilities. It never hurt for professionals to come and lend a helping hand.

Moving House Including The Toddlers Can Be A Handful

Moving House Including The Toddlers Can Be A Handful

It is already chaotic enough with your partner having to keep up with deadlines like utilities setup up to the actual move itself. Now you have toddlers in tow, what should you do?

1. Create a timely schedule - Once the move date is set, work backwards to gauge the time needed to execute the pre-activities like de-cluttering and loading into storage. Remember to add in an allowance in case an emergency crops up with the toddlers.

2. Seek help to babysit - See if anyone can spare a few hours to allow you to be toddler-free so you can be more productive.

3. Storage facility with premium services - When you get more than just a few services from them like mover/facility/packing/loading, chances are you will get a discounted price. Stretch your dollar wherever possible.

4. Sorting it smart - Consider only those that can be reused like toys and books. Be equipped with mobile storage boxes to assist you with this process.

5. Get help from loved ones - Keep the toddlers under the watchful eyes of friends or family members while you finalize everything or until a few days after the move.

Monday, January 19, 2015

Tips for a First Time Home-mover

Whether you’re moving out of your parents home to rent a place on your own, or you’re moving in with your partner, or maybe even to a new place with your kids, there’s a first time for everything and moving house can be quite stressful if you don’t know where to begin

Platinum Removals wants you to have an easy time at things so we’ve got a short list of tips for you right here to help get things a little bit organized for the big event!

1) Take Stock!
Chances are that if you’re moving for the very first time, you don’t have a lot of things that you can bring over to your new home. The fridge and the pots and crockery and furniture may all need to stay at the old house and that means that there’s a lot of shopping that needs to be done so that your new home will be all ready to be lived in! Take a look and see what you and your other housemates or family members who will be staying with you have in their possession and work upwards from there!

2) Make do with what you have
If you’re okay with hand-me-downs, you can start asking around if friends and family have spare appliances that they are willing to pass to you in the interim while you shop around and slowly build up the items in your home. It’s a good opportunity to scout around and find the right fit for furniture and appliances without having to suffer the inconvenience of not having a piece of equipment available for use.

3) Put a little bit of money aside
This could literally be your first time supporting yourself and your family without the help of others and on top of all the shopping that we mentioned you have to do, you’re going to have to take on the utilities and other costs of maintenance that comes with owning or renting your own place. Of course we hope that things run smoothly when you move in, but it’s always prudent to have a little bit extra stashed away just in case something does happen - like you need to replace some pipes or get a microwave urgently for whatever reason.

4) Start getting Organised!

There was never a better time to get a head start on being orderly and neat then when you have a blank slate to work with! Now that you have the opportunity to get things arranged just the way you want in a place that you can call your own, take every chance to be a bit obsessive about what goes where! Creating a system for yourself in your new home will definitely set the precedent for any future clean up operations at home.

5) Take a well deserved break and Be thankful!

After getting everything settled and moved around, you’ve finally got things in place and there’s a bit of time for you to take a breather. We suggest that you take it. You’ve finally got your own place and if you need something to be thankful for - this is it! It’s a beginning of a whole new life for you and you should take a moment to remember this time when you set out on your own and to congratulate yourself for successfully moving out!

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Some Handy Packing tips for the imminent Move

In all the years of people migrating from one place to another, gathering one’s belongings and shifting these precious items from one place to the next, there has never been a set standard for how things should be done. What we’ve found is that there is never a right way to do things, but we often receive inquiries for the best way to go about packing.

We’d like to think that there’s a bit of common sense in packing and we’d just like to highlight some pointers for you if you’re clueless about where to start!

When you’re ready to start putting things aside, our very first piece of advice to you would be to start packing from room by room, starting with the one that you least use the most. Chances are that this will be your storage room, followed by the guest room and then the living room and finally moving towards the bedrooms and kitchen.

Get a variety of sizes of boxes for packing too! Having the right sized box is really important because they can be flimsy! Aim to get double-reinforced boxes when you can so that there is less of a possibility that a box may burst. Check with your moving and removals company what sizes they have and get enough for yourself and your family.

Do try to pack boxes to the brim and have them sealed well to ensure that dust and dirt doesn’t get it. But heavy items, like books and documents should be kept to the smaller boxes so that they do not exceed the capacity of the box. Lighter items like clothing and other linen and cloth items (bedsheets, pillows and comforters) can go into the bigger boxes. And while you may think you may be able to get away with a lot of heavy items in a big box, being conservative in your packing makes it easier for the moving and removals company to carry your packed boxes around and get them loaded up the truck!

When you start out trying to pack, we’d just like to put it out there that it is really important for you to set aside some items that you’ll need up until moving day itself! You don’t want to finish packing to realise that you need something and worse still, that you’ve packed it already and that you’ll now have to go hunting for the item if you need it urgently - if there’s anything worse than packing, it’s unnecessary unpacking!

That being said, do also stand by an “overnight pack” for when you’ve reached your new home. Chances are that by the time the moving and removals company has gotten all your things safely transported, you’re not really going to want to be unpacking just yet. Take a quick breather and relax a bit. And just in case things get delayed, or you’ve chosen one of the later slots for moving, you won’t have to rummage around for your toothbrushes and pajamas and bedsheets so that you can get a bit of a rest before starting on those boxes fresh the next day!

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Things to do for a Smooth Move

So everything has been set up, and all that’s left is the move itself! Use our handy moving checklist below to double check if you’ve left anything out to the last minute.


Notified everyone of your new address?
Now we’re not really talking about EVERYBODY like your family and friends. Surely your neighbours will find out when the big trucks come in on moving day itself too, but what about the utilities, credit card and other companies that normally only communicate with us by post? It’s really important to make sure that your mail gets forwarded to your new location as well so that the companies that you’ve left out can be informed in due time too! These include the insurance companies and any other membership subscriptions that you may have. You can arrange a redirection service with your post office or arrange with the new owners when you can come by to pick up any leftover mail that is still being sent to the old address.

Set aside boxes for loading?
In the chaos of moving day, sometimes boxes from different rooms get messed up and confused with boxes from other parts of the house. You may want to colour coordinate some boxes so that their origins are easily recognizeable when they reach your new apartment or house and this will help you to sort things out when you’re about to start unpacking. You can also choose to number them, to make sure that no box gets left behind either! Keep a list of what you have too and that will definitely make the job easier!

Aside from that, do think about gathering the house keys and door keys in one place as well so that everything will be ready for handover when you leave.

Double confirmed details with you moving and removals company?

Most moving and removals companies should be pretty on the ball when it comes to getting their job done, but it doesn’t hurt for a bit of a confirmation the day before moving day just to ensure that everything has been settled. This includes making sure that pick up times have been finalised and that addresses are clearly noted. You may want to ask about the route that the moving company is intending to take and whether you will be following their truck or their truck will be following you. And at the same time to ensure that the necessary equipment like tools for disassembling furniture and dollies and protective padding is all taken care of.

Packed for your first night in your new home?
Once everything is ready for the move, you’ll want to make sure that you have some things left out and in an easily accessible place for the first few moments when you reach your new apartment or home. In the hustle and bustle of the move, you may even be too tired to start unpacking straight away and a good idea is to have some essentials like bathing toiletries and a spare change of clothes packed in an overnight bag. You may also want to think about what you might do for dinner on the first night that you’ve moved in too!