Tuesday, December 15, 2015

How to load up your moving vehicle

Now you’ve got your rented truck ready, you need to know how to fully utilize the space to its maximum capability. That doesn’t mean getting as many things in there but instead to ensure they are intact by following these RIGHT way of loading them.

1. Heavy items in the centre
Distribute out the weight towards the cabin of the truck to help centre the whole weight and stabilize the vehicle. Ensure you pack the big items in and stop them from moving around.

2. Secure loose items down
Secure boxes that aren’t compressed and tend to fly around the cabin with rope or bungee cord. This will reduce the occurrence of breakage and the possibility of them toppling down onto you. If you use an open-truck vehicle, this step needs to be further emphasized.

A simpler method would be to fill up the empty spaces of cupboards and shelves to ease the unloading process.

3. Padding, padding, padding!
Use padding and bubble wrap for everything else inside the back of the vehicle. It helps to protect your items and ensure the sides of the vehicle aren’t damaged either.

At the end of the day, we might estimate wrongly the size of the van and a removals company can help you to handle that portion.

That’s what Platinum removals promises you! Good luck on your upcoming moving day!

How to load up your moving vehicle

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