Monday, December 14, 2015

How to move safely!

It is common for people to move out on their own these days which is fine but definitely needs to be accompanied by safety guidelines. Here are some tips from us…

Load items safelyAn efficient method to load things onto your truck without them falling over upon arrival at the new location is to evenly distribute the weight of heavy and bulky items to the centre. This will also ensure your truck does not tip over while on the move.

Use toolsYou might be used to being a hard labourer but whenever possible, lighten your workload with the aid of pulleys and dolleys or any other tools you can think of.

Take breaks!Don’t be a hero and always remember to take breaks in between tasks. Rest well the night before and keep hydrated on the actual moving day.

Purchase insurance

Always prepare yourself for the unexpected as accidents CAN happen. Hence, ensure all your bases are covered with the respective insurance plans.

Lastly, just remember that you are only human. There are some things that need support from others like professional removalists who offer you a number of services including packing and furniture arrangement depending on your needs. We wish you all the best in your upcoming move!
How to move safely!

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