Monday, December 28, 2015

Things to do to prepare for your Office Move

During the hustle and bustle of a move, business owners tend to overlook certain things. Hence, we state some tips in hopes they help you get ahead when the office move is nearing.

Communicate with Clients

Clients who need services done are going to be the most affected by an office move. Hence, put up signs or send out emails to notify them early of the temporary hold ups and inform when business will resume.

Turn this into a positive opportunity by thanking them for their support and explain how the move will benefit them in the long run.

Check out Removals Quotes

What you want is a reliable removals company that gets things done by the deadline given. Ask for packages that bundle in packing materials and packing services. If you order everything from them, you get to save costs and have lesser people to deal with.

Take Advantage of the Move to get Organized!

There are probably a lot of obsolete materials lying around which you do not need, hence get your employees to have a clean out day to tidy things up to guarantee your new office will be in good order.

We at Platinum Removals Sydney provide you with Office Removal Checklists to ensure you have a smooth office move. Call us today to help you plan your move!

Things to do to prepare for your Office Move

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