Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Coping with stress when you move

Moving out is never an easy task to handle regardless of doing it on your own or with family members. Things could get pretty stressful so here are some guidelines from professional removalists to help you cope with things.
  • A stress-free move may NOT be possible
Do not deny the amount of stress but instead come up with a plan to overcome it
  • Take frequent time-outs to collect your thoughts.
Do not be afraid to take a breather in between tasks to be in control of the situation and plan out subsequent steps as you go along.
  • Plan something other than THE move
Think of something that you can look forward to after settling in like joining a club at the new neighbourhood or plan a mini getaway with the family.

Get a good rest the day (and night) before Moving Day o Being tired will not set you in the right mood so make yourself free the day before to go through some last minute items.

Above all, plan ahead and execute the move according to schedule so things can work out well to be part of your fond memories.

Coping with stress when you move

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