Monday, January 4, 2016

How to Handle a Commercial Removal

Platinum Removals has handled various commercial removals projects and we’d love to share with you our experiences so you can handle your office move smoothly too! A move will not only affect your employees but your customers, vendors, and suppliers too.

Take these simple steps and be on your way to well-executed move!

1- Start Planning and Scheduling

As soon as you know you need to move, start scheduling a timeline. From when the movers will arrive, to how much downtime you can afford. Inventory, meetings, and other miscellaneous arrangements need to be planned early.

2- Inform your staff

Your staff may have to plan their workloads to accommodate the downtime so let them know you value their participation by keeping everyone updated of any progress.

3- Inform your customers

It’s important to let customers know if there will be any delays during the move. They want to be organized as much as the business!

4- Getting back to work

It’s very important to notify the relevant parties of your moving date so that the utilities, gas, and internet can be arranged accordingly. This will help ensure everybody get back on the job without hiccups!

Platinum Removals knows how important it is to get back to business as soon as possible so the lesser the downtime, the better! We hope things will go smoothly for you with our handy tips.

 How to Handle a Commercial Removal

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Keeping in Touch after Moving

At Platinum Removals Bondi, we understand how hard it is saying goodbye to old friends. Whether for a few months or a few years, there is always nostalgia attached to a home including the sights and sounds, and friends and neighbours.

The further you move, the more difficult it seems to keep in touch with them as you need to settle down into your new home. It might seem nearly impossible after all!

But in this age where technology is at our fingertips, it should not be this hard!

There are the different social media accounts, you have a platform to update people how you are doing even if you can’t contact them just yet.

Our postal services are also easily arranged to ensure a seamless transit of your mails when you move. Just get in touch with them to inform the respective dates and addresses.

If you don’t move too far, why not take a weekend drive to catch up with friends over coffee. Reunions are always fun especially when you visit your usual favourite hang outs!

Whichever way best suit your preference, all relationships require a little effort to keep them going strong.

Keeping in Touch after Moving

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

A Removalists Take on a Home that needs Fixing

We’ve realized a few things over the years through our observation and customers’ feedback as well. We know that to transform a house into a home requires some work. But when does it become too much?

Here are some tips from our removalists in Sydney to help you decide on that renovation plan!

Move Out when you Redecorate!

Rent out a temporary abode or get a kind soul to put you up for a little while to stay away from all the dust and dirt which are bad for your health. You will also be thankful to be away from the noise and chaos.

Work by Schedule

Ensure you have a good timeline to guide you along the renovation process. This is to prevent you from having furniture delivered while the house is still in bits and pieces. It will also help you to gauge when to turn off your utilities before the contractors arrive.

Have a budget

You should already know to work out your finances before renovating. Good quality items have a hefty pricetag so work on bits and pieces only as you can afford.

Be Realistic

Tie in all the plans you have with what you can afford. This can help prevent overspending of the budget or realizing a delay in shipment causes your timeline to be shifted.

At Platinum Removals, we want you to have a smooth move. Hence, we hope these tips would be useful for you!

A Removalists Take on a Home that needs Fixing

Monday, December 28, 2015

Things to do to prepare for your Office Move

During the hustle and bustle of a move, business owners tend to overlook certain things. Hence, we state some tips in hopes they help you get ahead when the office move is nearing.

Communicate with Clients

Clients who need services done are going to be the most affected by an office move. Hence, put up signs or send out emails to notify them early of the temporary hold ups and inform when business will resume.

Turn this into a positive opportunity by thanking them for their support and explain how the move will benefit them in the long run.

Check out Removals Quotes

What you want is a reliable removals company that gets things done by the deadline given. Ask for packages that bundle in packing materials and packing services. If you order everything from them, you get to save costs and have lesser people to deal with.

Take Advantage of the Move to get Organized!

There are probably a lot of obsolete materials lying around which you do not need, hence get your employees to have a clean out day to tidy things up to guarantee your new office will be in good order.

We at Platinum Removals Sydney provide you with Office Removal Checklists to ensure you have a smooth office move. Call us today to help you plan your move!

Things to do to prepare for your Office Move

Sunday, December 27, 2015

How to minimize Downtime during Office Removals

Removals can be stressful for anybody including office moves. Accounts, phone calls, emails, and all the work that need to be done get incomplete which is a lost business opportunity. So, how can we reduce the downtime of a business?

Weekend or After hours Removals

Many removals companies in Sydney offer this solution which is to assign a couple of staff to supervise the move over the weekend so as not to affect operations during the work week. Things get done quicker when removalists are free to do their work during non-office hours.

Getting Professional Help

Professional coordinators help you execute removals including supervising the removals team and handling permits and approvals. Hence, you and your staff can focus on your business processes without any worry.

Assign a team to handle the Big Move

Having a core team to direct the removalists is good as they may not understand how things need to be set up in the new office. An internal employee would also be necessary to prevent them from getting in the way of on-going meetings or discussions.

Get things done in the new location before hand

Getting documents and facilities set up should be carried out before removal day! Ensure that electricity and pantries are up and internet and telephone lines are working. This will prevent employees from getting their daily responsibilities delayed!

Downtime is inevitable during any removals and businesses may suffer a lapse in productivity for a couple of days. But remember when all is settled, you have a new office with better facilities to support your business.

How to minimize Downtime during Office Removals