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If there was never a more convenient and easy way to move home, Platinum Removals would have been it.

We are the best removals company in Sydney and we guarantee that you’ll have an absolutely fantastic time moving homes with us helping you out.

We have a tried and tested method of ensuring that you’ll be happy with our services, and the short and simple answer to the question about what that is, is excellent customer service!
Platinum Removals guarantees you that you will always have professional and efficient removals and transportation services with us. In this way, we’ll give you a wonderful experience to remember that’s sure to make you think of Platinum Removals whenever you need to move homes

We are able to not only help you with the heavy lifting of all your items from your home to your next, but also we assist in a number of other areas that other removals companies tend to overlook. These include ensuring that we follow through with the job all through unpacking at your new location and ensuring that your old premises are well cleaned up and taken care of. We also offer pre-packing - to help you with getting all the loose odds and ends tied up and organized to be moved into our trucks and in-house packing services - which will put the house to rights, ready for handover.

We are well equipped with all sorts of tools that facilitate the swiftest and safest operations when we reach your home. We’ll also take extra care to make sure that door frames and delicate wooden finishing are well protected when we move about your house or apartment getting everything shuffled out the door. You can trust that we’ll treat your possessions with as much care as if we owned them ourselves!

Platinum Removals now services all the major suburbs including in South Western Sydney, so if you’re if you’ve just bought into the neighborhood, give us a call to help you raise the welcome party to the new area!

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