Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Things to do for a Smooth Move

So everything has been set up, and all that’s left is the move itself! Use our handy moving checklist below to double check if you’ve left anything out to the last minute.


Notified everyone of your new address?
Now we’re not really talking about EVERYBODY like your family and friends. Surely your neighbours will find out when the big trucks come in on moving day itself too, but what about the utilities, credit card and other companies that normally only communicate with us by post? It’s really important to make sure that your mail gets forwarded to your new location as well so that the companies that you’ve left out can be informed in due time too! These include the insurance companies and any other membership subscriptions that you may have. You can arrange a redirection service with your post office or arrange with the new owners when you can come by to pick up any leftover mail that is still being sent to the old address.

Set aside boxes for loading?
In the chaos of moving day, sometimes boxes from different rooms get messed up and confused with boxes from other parts of the house. You may want to colour coordinate some boxes so that their origins are easily recognizeable when they reach your new apartment or house and this will help you to sort things out when you’re about to start unpacking. You can also choose to number them, to make sure that no box gets left behind either! Keep a list of what you have too and that will definitely make the job easier!

Aside from that, do think about gathering the house keys and door keys in one place as well so that everything will be ready for handover when you leave.

Double confirmed details with you moving and removals company?

Most moving and removals companies should be pretty on the ball when it comes to getting their job done, but it doesn’t hurt for a bit of a confirmation the day before moving day just to ensure that everything has been settled. This includes making sure that pick up times have been finalised and that addresses are clearly noted. You may want to ask about the route that the moving company is intending to take and whether you will be following their truck or their truck will be following you. And at the same time to ensure that the necessary equipment like tools for disassembling furniture and dollies and protective padding is all taken care of.

Packed for your first night in your new home?
Once everything is ready for the move, you’ll want to make sure that you have some things left out and in an easily accessible place for the first few moments when you reach your new apartment or home. In the hustle and bustle of the move, you may even be too tired to start unpacking straight away and a good idea is to have some essentials like bathing toiletries and a spare change of clothes packed in an overnight bag. You may also want to think about what you might do for dinner on the first night that you’ve moved in too!

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