Thursday, December 17, 2015

Tipping your removals guys

Not many people would think twice about the movers on the moving day amidst all the chaos but that goes without saying that a simple gesture like a “Thank You” would go a long way for us to show appreciation for all the work we’ve done!

Nevertheless, we wouldn’t want to make you feel obligated about tipping because that should be done out of your own will. Here are some ideas if you are thinking of showing us your thanks!

You don’t have to give us money
Tipping is a gesture and we honestly don’t expect anything from our clients. However, a simple thank you wouldn’t hurt as it lets us know that we’re not some lowly worker who helps you with the dirty work.

A cold drink or even some snacks work just as well too!
Some refreshments would definitely be welcomed after a hard day’s work but no alcohol please as it is against company regulations to be drinking while on the job and it takes away our focus.

And if you do decide to tip…
Take a little time out to tip every worker individually instead of to the leader – to show that every worker is just as important.

Our movers might not have diplomas or degrees to do their job but they are most certainly certified with various competency classes so as to enable them to work to their fullest ability.

By showing us appreciation, it helps us to continue giving our best in the work we do.

Tipping your removals guys

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